Kigali, Rwanda

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Uganda visas now online …

Travel to Uganda will be much easier.  Applications can be filled at:

Uganda & Rwanda are a unique destination, which jointly offers Mountain Gorillas, besides chimpanzee, baboons, hippos, crocodile, elephants, lions, leopard, and hundreds of bird species.

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Gorilla Permits in Uganda are US$ 600.00 per person. Low Season (April, May & November) incentive rate for Uganda Gorilla Permit is US$ 350.00 per person.

However, anytime of the year Rwanda Gorilla Permit still remains at $750.00 per person. It has just been announced by RDB on May 06th 2017 that Rwanda Gorilla Permits shall henceforth cost US$ 1,500.00 per person. We do not have any further details at the moment. We will issue further updates as more details emerge.

In both countries, children under 15 years of age are not allowed on gorilla treks.

Rwanda - Ranking High!

Ingaji Dancers warming up…

Welcome to Rwanda – meet the Inganji Troupe and Intore Dancers. Visit the Iby’Iwacu Traditional Village, etc and experience the true spirit of Rwanda.

A street in Kigali, Rwanda

A street in Kigali – a well organized, modern, clean city. Driving is on the left like in France – the former colonial rulers of the territory.

Rwanda is truly a Land of a Thousand Hills

The city is built on quite a number of hills. Rwanda is truly “Land of A Thousand Hills” Big hotel names are in – Serena, Kempisky, and coming up is Marriot!

Boda boda craze is under control in Rwanda

Boda boda craze is under control – riders ought to have a numbered apron, a numbered helmet, and carry another helmet for passenger - 1 passenger, who MUST wear it by city law. Town service charge is at least at 500 RWF!

City buses are agreeably new, smart, and operate from a central point with a lot of respect. The language most spoken is Kinyarwanda.

City buses are agreeably new, smart, and operate from a central point with a lot of respect. The language most spoken is Kinyarwanda. Anyway with little difficulty, you will meet someone who can command English, or Swahili, if not French.

Kigali Airport is 17kms from the city centre.

Kigali Airport is 17kms from the city centre. Accessibility is easy on nicely paved road with minimal traffic jam – nothing much to worry about per se’. Beautiful scenic drive which leaves you impressed or satisfied with what you see.



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